The World of Financial Trojans

With financial institutions in the west fighting back with more sophisticated securities to protect against online malware, cyber attackers are instead looking in to new markets, for example Hong Kong, Japan and Saudi Arabia, while using existing techniques. This white paper from Symantec examines the eight most sophisticated and popular financial Trojans that are used to commit large scale financial fraud across the globe.
Find out what the Trojans do to get your information, and what they do to not get detected. Stay aware of the online financial fraud threats with this report.
Key findings:
  • Over 600 financial institutions worldwide are targeted by financial Trojans
  • Big banks in countries with high GDP are attacked with highest frequency
  • Two dominant attack strategies are identified: “focused attack” and “broader strokes”
  • New target regions include Middle East, Africa and Asia
  • New institution types are being targeted outside of traditional online banking
  • Existing techniques are being streamlined for automation and precision  




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