Work Environment Redesign: Accelerating Talent Development and Performance Improvement

With the continued slow-growing economy companies today need to be creative to save money while increasing performance. This report from Deloitte is based on a study of more than 75 companies and their key strategic operations to build up employee productivity, passion and innovation.
With the help of real-life case studies from for example Toyota and Li & Fung, this report gives a clear explanatory approach on how the work environment can be redesigned to achieve talent development and performance improvements to get accelerated and sustainable business progress.
Goals for Work Environment Redesign: 
  • Define high-impact challenges
Meaningful challenges and impact
Rapid experimentation
Real-time feedback and reflection
  • Strengthen high-impact connections
Challenge-specific teaming
Relevant connections
“Chance” encounters
  • Amplify impact
Adaptive environment
Smart capture and share

Mutual ownership 


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