White papers

Finance Transformation

This paper offers advice on how to cut through the hype and achieve finance transformation
Financial reporting's logical next step: Blockchain
Some of the practical questions about blockchain and reporting...
The Next Generation of Cyberthreats
The biggest cyber risks to corporate practitioners, particularly the...
GDPR: 5 steps
Ready or not: GDPR is coming May 25. What steps can companies take...
Divestment webcast recap
How can divesting fuel your future growth?
How Can Treasury & Finance Execs Retain Talent?
Nicole Meyer talks about why employees leave their jobs
The Evolution of Card Fraud
Major milestones of card fraud
How to answer: "Where do you see yourself in five years?"
One of those tough questions you are often asked in a job interview
Data Will Drive Audit Quality
How the mass volumes of data that businesses now produce will allow...
Leveraging AI to Fight Fraud
CEO of Forter, explains how artificial intelligence (AI) has expanded...
FinNext 2018: The Future Impact of AI on FP&A
Artificial intelligence, machine learning will impact the people,...
Andrew Ng: How can AI create value for businesses right now?
The cofounder of Coursera explains how AI is bringing value to...
Navigating the Future of Work
New ways of working and thinking, through life-long learning and re-...
PwC's 2018 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey: Pulling fraud out of the shadows
91% of organizations report serious frauds to senior management