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Artificial intelligence, machine learning will impact the people,...
Andrew Ng: How can AI create value for businesses right now?
The cofounder of Coursera explains how AI is bringing value to...
Navigating the Future of Work
New ways of working and thinking, through life-long learning and re-...
PwC's 2018 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey: Pulling fraud out of the shadows
91% of organizations report serious frauds to senior management
FinNext 2018: The Characteristics of Superforecasters
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Michael Chui on job growth catalysts: A minute with the McKinsey Global Institute
Research indicates a set of catalysts will be driving job growth to...
Flexibility & A Transparent Corporate Culture Will Help Attract Top Talent
Attracting and retaining talent requires a transparent corporate...
China in 2018: Chinese globalization continues
China Inc.’s outbound investment will resume its upward trajectory in...
What Top Skills Do Professional Accountants Need for the Future?
Empathy and relationships are the most important
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Financial professionals are currently viewing the risk around these...
What's Wrong with GDP?
There are several key questions GDP fails to answer
Building a Culture of Innovation: Take Risks!
Innovation must start from the top
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Technology can bring treasury and FP&A closer