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Create a business that is not just leaner , but more competitive as well
The forces depressing potential output growth will continue undless countered by structural policies
What CFOs need to be highly aware of when it comes to recent changes to IFRS
The 2018 Currency Outlook guide examines the year ahead by demystifying the global market...
The 2018 Currency Outlook guide examines the year ahead by demystifying the global market...
Corporates in Asia Pacific are clearly alert to the risks of poor compliance and risk management,...
This analysis is based on in-depth interviews with eight organizations that use Concur Invoice to...
How to manage the expenses you see and the ones you don't
Uncover savings where you may not be looking
How would smaller firms benefit from cloud ERP


What's Wrong with GDP?
There are several key questions GDP fails to answer
Building a Culture of Innovation: Take Risks!
Innovation must start from the top
Technology Can Bridge the Gap Between Finance Functions
Technology can bring treasury and FP&A closer
What’s in store for ASEAN?
The ASEAN region has its own unique opportunities as well as its...
Have Tech Needs? Don’t Only Look to Your IT Team
Business acumen is needed to utilize new applications and software to...
Automation and the new world of work
There may be enough work to maintain full employment to 2030 under...
Adopting a Rolling Forecast Requires a Cultural Change
Rolling forecast is definitely a challenge, said Nevine White...
Data - Deluge and Decisions | Episode 11 | What is a  finance co-pilot?
Find out what finance co-pilots do
APPD 3Q17 | Singapore’s market recovery gains traction
Office rents grew for the second consecutive quarter at an...
AFP Mindshift: Will Technology Replace Treasury?
What treasury practitioners need to do to prepare for the future
Blockchain Will Impact Accounting
Rich de Moll, Vice President, Blockchain Solutions for Finance at IBM...
Double-clicking on the Chinese consumer
Consumer confidence is at a 10-year high in China
Motivation and Development Tips & Advice
How to get motivated again when you are down