Video Conferencing: A Total Cost Ownership Analysis - A Look at What Companies Really Spend

The study takes a snapshot of what companies are spending to deploy video conference today and finds out that the amount for first year TCO per endpoint ranges from US$1,138.9 to US$3,652.8. 


Nemertes Research gathered data from live interviews with IT leaders responsible for procuring and managing video platforms and with four leading video conferencing vendors: Cisco, LifeSize, Ploycom and Vidyo as well.
Key Inside:
  • Basic components of video conference TCO:
Network Capital Costs,
Network Operational Costs,
Video Capital Costs,
Video Operational Costs;
  • Other factors to consider:
Does the solution require network infrastructure upgrades and QoS?
What is the cost of rapidly adding capacity?
What are the ongoing licensing and maintenance costs?
How do costs change as my deployment strategy changes (eg, more desktop/mobile)?
What types of mobile devices are being used on my network and for what purposes?
What is the cost to integrate with my legacy infrastructure versus replace it?
What are the costs for delivering acceptable video quality to a variety of locations (HQ, branch, home, and mobile devices)
What types of usage patterns do I project (eg, more desktop or room video)?

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