U.K. to Investigate Huawei to Ensure Security of British Telecommunications

The U.K. government has launched a probe into Huawei's Cyber Security Evaluation Centre to ensure British telecommunications infrastructure is not vulnerable to cyberattacks, reports the Wall Street Journal.


Huawei is a major role in the country's telecommunications industry, a status which the U.K. Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee says could expose the country to potential cyberattacks and state-sponsored spying.


Huawei's Cyber Security Evaluation Center was opened in November 2010. The company's end-to-end equipment, both hardware and software solutions, are tested in the centre to ensure its ability to withstand growing cyber security threats


"We applaud the steps that the U.K. government is taking to secure its networks, and we are collaborating with the government in this approach," says Scott Sykes, spokesman of of the Chinese company.


While Huawei intends to cooperate with the U.K. government, it has slammed accusations made by ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden. In an exclusive interview with the Australian Financial Review, Hadyen said that the Chinese company engaged in espionage for the Beijing government.


"These tired, unsubstantiated, defamatory remarks are sad distractions from real-world concerns related to espionage—industrial and otherwise—that demand serious discussion globally," says Sykes. "Once again we challenge the individuals and organisations that make these accusations to present the evidence publicly."


The Chinese company is effectively shut out of the U.S., the world's largest telecom market, after a U.S. congressional report released in October recommended that U.S. carriers stop using Huawei's equipment, saying it could be used by Beijing to spy on the U.S.


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