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Dos and Don’ts When Acquiring a Company

Veteran CFO Jeremy Gray has several years of experience in Merger and Acquisitions (M&A). During the 4th CFO Innovation Singapore Forum in June 2013, Gray held a much appreciated presentation.  Hear him share his best tips for merging acquired companies as seamless as possible.

Risk Resilience to Resilient Growth

"Pursuing resiliency and agility are the keys to the long term success of any individual organization", says at Bob Moritz, Senior Partner for PwC US, in this video clip from PwC. As uncertainty has become the new normal, companies must adapt and adjust to be able to both scale back as well as seize opportunities in a shaky global economy. 

Hidden Cost and Transfer Pricing in Finance Shared Services

Financial In- and Outsourcing in Asia Pacific: Part 2 There are hidden costs in setting up finance shared services centers, and there are hidden costs in not having finance shared services centers. Also hear about what may happen to the role of the local CFO with the implementation of finance shared services in Asia Pacific. 

The Changing Role of the CFO

Holger Lindner, former CFO of Daimler SE Asia Pte Ltd, now a member of the Advisory Council at Singapore CFO Institute, talks to ACCA about his view on the changing role of the CFO.  Hear Lindner talk about three external trends that are impacting the role of the CFO:

The Future Office, a Good Investment?

There is no turning back on the future office and corporations need to make the necessary adjustments. How do you make the future office a good investment? How can the future office attract talent? The future of work forces a big cultural change before it can be fully beneficial.

Will Traditional Offices Become Obsolete?

The future office, what does it mean for corporations and employees? With the technology in place, the focus on work is no longer where you go; instead it is what you do.

Chartered Accountant of Singapore: Should Others in Asia Become One?

The Chartered Accountant of Singapore, Part 2: Uantchern Loh, Chief Executive at Singapore Accountancy Commission, discusses the steps being taken to make the new Chartered Accountant of Singapore designation internationally recognized.  He also talks about why finance professionals in Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and other