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The CFO and Supply Chain

This video clip from Ernst & Young discusses why CFOs should be driving a partnership with the head of supply chain.  Supply chain holds the largest proportion of business cost, and is closely linked to profitability and productivity. This makes it an important issue for the CFO.  

The CFO as a Catalyst of Change

CFOs are under a lot of pressure due to the continued economic uncertainty around the globe. CFOs think they need to spend more time on planning and analytics to stay ahead.

Global Wealth Reaches New All-Time High

The 2013 Credit Suisse Wealth Report finds that global wealth has more than doubled since 2000, reaching a new all-time high of 241 trillion US dollars. Strong economic growth and rising population levels in emerging nations are important drivers of this trend.

How Big Data Impacts Planning for CFOs

Sourcing and Transforming Data into Information – Part 2 It can be challenging for CFOs to know how this new source of information that comes with big data will impact the planning.

How to Transform Data Into Information

Sourcing and Transforming Data into Information – Part 1  Big Data is unmistakably important for CFOs to dissect. Hear Low Wai Peng, CFO at Sentosa Leisure Group, explain how CFOs can use big data to help drive the business.