Socialize Your Business: 10 Things Executives Should Know About Digitalization and Social Media

For some companies, social media is perceived as a threat. But the reality is that companies must open up to this new reality and seize the opportunity to sustainably improve their business development.

Produced by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and the University of Münster, this report examines how digitalization is creating new opportunities for innovation and value creation across all industries. In particular, how digital transformation can work if companies embed the principles of digitalization (i.e. information, connectivity and autonomy) in the organization.   


  1. Social Media: Not Hype But Socioeconomic Reality
  2. Social Media is Power – Inaction Can Be Fatal
  3. Social Media is a Key Capability
  4. Social Media Enables New Forms of Interacting With Customers
  5. Social Media Influences Purchasing Behavior – Directly and to a Greater Extent Indirectly
  6. Social Media is Driving a Fundamental Change in Brand Management
  7. Social Media Revolutionizes Collaboration in Companies 
  8. Social Media by No Means Guarantee Sure-Fire Success
  9. Social Media Follows Its Own Rules
  10. Social Media is a Comprehensive Organizational Principle 

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