Talent Shortage Report 2013

According to this global survey report from ManpowerGroup, more than half (51%) of the Asia Pacific employers say that skills gap are posing difficulties in the hiring process. The survey responses come from over 38,000 respondents worldwide, with nearly 8,600 respondents from Asia Pacific.
In Asia, Japan reports the most acute talent shortage (85%), while Chinese employers (35%) are the least likely to report talent shortages.
The report states that the talent shortage impacts employers businesses by reduced competitiveness (41%), reduced ability to serve clients (40%) and increased employee turnover (23%).  
Strategies employers use to overcome talent shortages:
  • People practice (44%)
Provide additional training and development for current staff, use non-traditional recruiting practices or redefining qualifying criteria
  • Talent sources (33%)
Look for candidates in other regions and countries or partnering with educational institutions
  • Work models (29%)

Improving the talent pipeline to be able to identify high potentials, redesigning current work procedures and offer more flexible work arrangements



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