Will Women Sacrifice Their Jobs for Families?

Along with the development of the era and the increasing in globalization, working opportunities for women are rising. Women now almost have the same working opportunities as men. Many women have become the backbones of their families.

Based on these circumstances, SweetRing, a dating application from Taiwan conducted a survey to look into how this changing trend could influence women in Jakarta's choices between jobs and families as it's observed that the number of working women is growing in the region.

According to the survey, 79% of the women still want to work even though they are married. Only 38 percent of women are willing to leave their jobs if their husbands ask them to but only under the condition that their husbands could give them enough financial support.

The survey result corresponds to the statistics done by Central Statistics Agency of DKI Jakarta, where the number of women who is unemployed is only 5% , with more than 70 percent of women still want to work and pursue their careers and dreams even though they are married.

Married women feel that they have the rights to work and they don't have to just taking care of home and children. By working, women are also able to support their families and become financially independent.

Lia, 32, a SweetRing user says, "Women should be self-sufficient and have personal savings, we cannot rely solely on money from husbands."

Although many of the women still want to work after getting married, yet men think differently. 64 percent of men feels that women do not have to bother to work for their families because men are the ones who should be the benefactor of the family.

Rio, 30, a SweetRing user says, "Working is one of the husbands' duties and the wifes' role in the family is to support the husband by taking care of the child and the house."

These opinions also gain support from women. Thirty-eight percent of the women feel that they don't need to work if their husbands are able to provide what they need. Thirty percent of them even feel that babysitting and doing housework are tiring enough so they prefer not to work if their husbands are financially dependable.


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