Singaporeans Prefer Personal Networking Over Social Media Job Sites When Job Hunting

Social media may be a big part of people’s daily lives in Singapore, but it remains the least favored way to find a new job according to a poll conducted by recruiting experts, Hays.

“Our latest Hays poll reveals that the highest proportion of respondents in Singapore (45 per cent) rely on online job boards to find a job while 31 per cent turn to personal networking,” says Lynne Roeder, Managing Director of Hays in Singapore.

“Singapore has among the world’s highest internet connection speeds making ‘job shopping’ online easier than in many countries, but it’s interesting to see that personal networks still rank above virtual networks when it comes to job hunting,” says Lynne.

“Research released earlier this year revealed that social media is now part of daily life for up to 70 per cent of Singaporeans but only 24 per cent of respondents in our latest Hays poll turn to social to look for a new job opportunity,” she says.

“Job boards are a great way to get an overview of what roles and skills are in demand, but personal networks offer a way to hear about a job before it’s advertised as well as to learn about the work culture of an employer from someone with inside knowledge.”

“Recruitment consultants should be part of a candidate’s personal networking efforts as they can offer insights on both, market trends and what opportunities are coming to the market. They are also able to share tips about what employers are looking for in their next hire,” says Lynne.

Half of the candidates polled in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Malaysia nominated job boards as their preferred job hunting option while in Japan, that figure was 40 per cent.

Personal networking was the second most favored option for job hunters in Malaysia (39 per cent), Japan (35 per cent), Hong Kong (34 percent) and Mainland China (32 per cent).

Japan has the highest proportion of job hunters that use social media at 25 per cent and Malaysia the lowest at only 11 per cent. In Hong Kong, 16 per of respondents reported using social media to job hunt while in Mainland China that figure was 18 per cent.

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