Professional Networks Helped Nearly Half of Singaporeans Land Their Dream Job

A majority (82%) of Singapore professionals consider networking to be important for career success. In fact, 45% of respondents say keeping in touch with their professional network was instrumental to securing their current job - higher compared with global responses at 37%.

These are among the findings of LinkedIn’s Networking Your Way In study, which looks at the value of connecting with your network to stay ahead with your career.

Members have found value in engaging with their professional network. More than half (54%) received a job introduction; 52% secured a job because they knew someone at the company; and 40% have found a new job

Online introverts are missing out

However, despite these findings, 47% of the respondents admitted they find it difficult to stay in touch with their professional connections online. When asked why, 51% claim they don’t know what to say, while 50% are uncertain on how to they can reconnect with contacts in their network.

“The right opportunity doesn’t always present itself when we’re looking for them, but on the other hand, we might be one connection away from a dream job, business deal or partnership,” says Linda Lee, Head of Communications, Southeast Asia and North Asia, at LinkedIn.

“Building meaningful connections, engaging with your professional network helps ensure that you don’t miss out on such opportunities. Networking your way in by investing time on your professional network has proven to be rewarding for many in Singapore.”

LinkedIn member and Singapore Country Head of online marketplace, Heng Wui Liang, managed to find his way into a meaningful role from staying informed with his network.

“People always ask me how I found my way into a career I love. I think you need to realise your career path is not necessarily a straight line. In today’s world, to stay ahead, you need to be connected, curious and engaged,” said Heng.

“When I was looking to join a start-up, to help make a decision I put myself out there and used LinkedIn to reach out to people in my professional network who worked in start-ups. Connecting and reaching out to my network helped me to get a realistic feel of life at a start-up before I made the switch to this role.”

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