Michael Page 2018 Hong Kong Salary Guide

Image: Michael Page

This report from Michael Page covers the salary benchmark for Hong Kong for 2018. The report is based on a survey and insights from roundtables across the region. 

 “Digital will continue to be the growth engine in 2018, fueled by the continued surge in e-commerce and fin-tech. We see an increasing trend of such companies setting up regional & global offices in Hong Kong.”

See how your salary is projected to increase in 2018, and how your current wage compares with Hong Kong salary increase projections, by using our Salary Comparison tool

•    Market Insights
•    Overall outlook
•    Key trends
•    Salary Tables

1.    Digital
2.    Finance & Accounting
3.    Financial Services              
4.    Human Resources
5.    Legal      
6.    Marketing           
7.    Procurement & Supply Chain      
8.    Property & Construction               
9.    Retail & Sourcing              
10.  Sales
11.  Secretarial & Business support    
12.  Technology

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