Global Study: Online Professional Profiles Are Valued Most by Singapore Recruiters

Sixty-two percent of recruitment decision makers in Singapore feel that the impression a candidate makes online is as important as the one they make in person – higher than any other country surveyed in the world, according to a new study released by LinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional network.

However, only 31 percent of professionals in Singapore feel confident sharing their achievements online - below the global average of 35 percent. On the contrary, Asian professionals in India (55%), China (54%) and Indonesia (52%) lead the curve as some of the most confident professionals in the world sharing their achievements online. This means that Singapore professionals may lose competitive advantage in getting noticed by recruitment decision makers compared to their peers in Asia.

Value of highlighting professional achievements

While 65 percent of professionals in Singapore understand the importance of highlighting their professional achievements to get ahead in their careers, more than half (55%) did not see the value doing so, believing people should be able to see they are doing a good job.

Fifty-five percent of Singapore professionals surveyed also admit that they are more likely to share images of food on social media than their personal achievements (30%), new jobs (17%) or promotions (17%).

Despite the reluctance of workers to tout their own professional successes, it is increasingly important to do so - particularly in Singapore. 64 percent of recruitment decision makers surveyed agree that clear communication of achievements is one of the most important things they look for in candidates - higher than any other country surveyed in the region and the world.

“Recruitment decision makers are more likely to look at your online profile as their first port of call, and make decisions to proceed or move on. Therefore, to gain access to job opportunities in Singapore, a strong online professional profile is not a nice-to-have, but a must-have. There is every reason to invest in making sure your experience and achievements are included in your profiles,” said Feon Ang, Senior Director, LinkedIn Talent Solutions, Asia Pacific,  "A strong LinkedIn profile that clearly articulates what you have done and are looking to do is especially important if you want to get noticed by recruitment decision makers.”


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