Global Managers Can Dramatically Increase Business Success by Understanding Local Cultures

Managers can dramatically increase business success by improving their ability to understand the behaviour of colleagues, clients, and suppliers from different countries and cultures, according to a new book by Professor Erin Meyer, renowned expert in global leadership.

Professor Meyer cites a rapid increase in global call centers, outsourcing, supply chains and project teams which has led to a new level of cultural diversity touching almost everyone in today’s workplace.

“Globalization has led to the rapid connection of internationally based employees from all levels of multinational companies,” Meyer says. “Where once an employee might have been expected to only collaborate with colleagues from his own country, today many teams are built on global networks connecting people scattered around the world.”

These global teams are expected to work together effectively, yet Meyer reports that most managers have little understanding of how local culture impacts global interaction.

“Even those executives who are culturally informed, travel extensively, or have lived abroad often have few strategies for dealing with the cross-cultural complexity that affects their team's day-to-day effectiveness,” she observes.

In The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business, Meyer addresses this transformation, providing a new analytical framework identifying eight critical dimensions of multi-cultural business practice.


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