Flexible Working: A Key Strategy in Attracting Top Talents

According to this report from Regus, flexible working is believed to make employees more loyal to the business. This statement is based on a global survey of over 20 000 business respondents that took place in September 2013.
As recruitment continues to create major challenges for businesses, they are looking at retention packages to attract and to keep existing workers. Flexible working is one of the offers. This seems to be on track. In China, 76% of the respondents said they would have stayed longer with a previous job if it had offered flexible working.  
Key Findings
  • 79% would pick a job offering flexibility over a similar one that did not
  • 74% think that flexible working improves employee retention
  • 73% think that flexible working reduces stress
  • 71% think that flexible working makes employees more loyal to the business
  • 59% would turn down a job that ruled out flexibility

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