Among Asian Countries, India Has the Most Number of Workers That Trust Their Bosses

Junior employees believe in their bosses, but this trust slowly erodes as employees become more senior. Cultural differences also account for disparities by country and industry, with some sectors not performing as expected. These are the highlights of a new study released by

Across the globe, India, ranked No. 2 with 55% of workers trusting their leaders, while Singapore is at No. 5 with 50% trusting their bosses. The only other Asian country included in the list of 17 countries is Hong Kong which emerged last with only 36% trusting their leaders.

Other countries in the Top 5 are Netherlands (No. 1) and Italy (No. 3).

While most employees start their career trusting their bosses (54% of those with less than 5 years of experience), they gradually lose confidence with approval ratings down to only 36% for professionals with over 15 years' experience.

Only 6 out of 19 industries in which most employees trust their leaders. Only 1 in 4 charity workers trust their bosses.

A particular concern for an industry which relies on perception and the public's confidence to function.

“While technology firms are doing relatively well, ranking 7 out of 19 industries, as flagbearers for new management styles, implementing 'vision' and focusing on fit and employee happiness, we expected better rankings,” notes the report.

A country's business culture and practices impact employees' perception of their leaders, with trust in leaders ranging from 36% (Hong Kong) to 68% (Netherlands).

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