ACCA: Rise of US as a Gas Producer to Have a Material Impact on Global Gas Markets

The rise of the US as a gas producer and continued low prices are set to remain key considerations in the gas markets for the foreseeable future, according to a report released by  the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

The report Far East to Wild West: demand and supply in the new gas landscape notes the US’ growing role, with 79% of respondents expecting the rise of the US as a gas producer to have a material impact on global gas markets. Meanwhile, even with the lower per-unit cost, 40% said that gas was a more attractive option than oil.

The report anticipates that in an evolving marketplace, professional accountants in the gas sector will have to consider multiple factors such as pricing pressure, M&A opportunities, cost management and sustainability reporting.

“With 70% of global gas demand coming from Asia – particularly Japan, South Korea and China – the rise of the US as exporter could represent a significant shift,” says Narayanan Vaidyanathan, senior business analyst at ACCA.

“A climate of low prices is also likely to influence the direction of events. In some markets like LNG for example, less expensive supply from the US may support a degree of rebalancing from long-term contracts towards the spot market.

“Finance teams are at the forefront of understanding how future trends will affect their business and on advising how to adapt accordingly. Their views are therefore important to assess the impact of change in the short and long term.”

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