How to Deliver a World-Class Presentation Without Too Much Anxiety

Around 75% of the population worldwide suffer from the fear of public speaking, and for many, their fear is so great that it could derail their careers. In fact, 19% of the population are more afraid of public speaking than death, spiders, heights, and dark. Among office executives and workers, the top fears are public (15.7%), delivering presentations (12.2%) and cold calling (11.5%).

In other words, you’re not alone in having a trembling voice and experiencing sweaty palms, shortness of breath and accelerated heartbeat when called upon to speak in public and make a business presentation.

Fixing Your Mindset

One typical mindset problem when people have to speak in public is thinking that if everything doesn’t go perfectly well, they would have failed. In fact, perfection is impossible. It is far more helpful if you try to work on the elements that work, rather than focus on making everything work.

Many people also assume that they will fail in their next presentation because they had failed in the previous one. This is not correct. You have to understand and tell yourself that a single misfire doesn’t dictate everything.

They may not have failed the previous presentation to begin with. Some people think their presentation was a complete disaster when, in fact, it was actually fine. You have to wait to learn you audience’s actual reaction before you judge yourself.

And don’t assume you will not perform well despite extensive preparation. Appreciate the effectiveness of hard work and practice. Indeed, research suggests that if you dedicate 70% of your time writing the script, you will be able to create a better presentation.

Other things to remember:

  • Facts are 20 times more likely to be remembered if they are a part of a story
  • Your audience will remember 95% of what they hear and see when presented with images
  • The first 30 seconds of your presentation is the most crucial one as it decides if you can thrive in the rest of it
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