Wisdom Sports Introduces New CFO

Hong Kong-listed Wisdom Sports Group has appointed Dr. Shen Wei as the Chief Financial Officer.

Dr. Shen Wei joined Wisdom Sports Group in September 2013, and is currently serving as Senior Vice President of the company.

Having worked with the Group for many years, Dr. Shen Wei has deep understanding and knowledge of the company’s development history, current status, and its future.

In his previous roles with the company, including serving as executive director, he has made outstanding contributions to the strategic improvement of the company’s finances and business operations.

Dr. Shen Wei also has extensive management experience from his previous service with large state-owned enterprises.

Dr. Shen Wei was awarded the degree of Doctor of Management Science and Engineering by the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and the degree of Master of Management Science and Engineering by Xiamen University. 

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