Pillage: A New Threat to Global Supply Chains

This paper discusses how the war crime of pillage poses a multilayered threat to multinational businesses. In particular, pillage in conjunction with money laundering offenses extends the business risk from direct involvement to guilt by association.

ACCA supports the implementation of proportionate and effective controls as one step to stem the flow of illicit goods while supporting trade networks that ensure continued trade with areas affected by resource wars. 

For companies, the only real defense to fight the impact of guilt by association or inadvertently handling pillaged goods is developing the ability to persuasively refute any allegation of involvement in or connection with pillaged goods in their supply chain.  


  • Executive Summary
  • Why is Pillage a Risk Issue for Business?
  • What is Pillage?
  • The Interaction of Pillage with Modern Business Practices
  • Risks to Businesses
  • Conclusion

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