Hong Kong Feels Significant Impact of U.S. Elections

The American Presidential Election is arousing widespread engagement across the world.  Among those polled in Hong Kong, 66% said that the outcome of the choice that American made in November will have very high (13%) or high impact (53%) on their country in relation to economic progress and trade.

"With U.S. goods and services trade in Hong Kong totaled US$62.1 billion in 2015 which represent 20% of the territory's GDP, it is not surprising to see the significant interest and concerns that Hong Kong have with the US Presidential Election," said CSG Research Director Winnie Poon.

On matters of economic policy, the majority (64%) in Hong Kong hoped that the next American President not to be swayed by local American interests alone, but to either focus on interests of the entire world, or give equal priority to both local and global concerns.

Commenting on the findings of the poll, Winnie said "Given that the world is globalized and America leads it in economic matters, there is expectation from Hong Kong for America to consider global interests.”

However, there is less than a quarter that believed that neither candidate will perform better than the current president. Only 24% believed that Hillary Clinton will perform better than the current president and even less (11%) believed that Donald Trump will be able to do so.

Barack Obama is viewed by a third (31%) in Hong Kong to have set a high bar and made America stronger as a world power under his leadership.


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