Global Economic Outlook 3rd Quarter 2016

Global concerns like Brexit, rising Chinese corporate debts and Brazil's impact of the new regime are all worries that are discussed in this report from Deloitte University Press on global economic outlook for the third quarter 2016. 


  • Introduction
  • United Kingdom: After Brexit, what lies ahead?
  • Eurozone: Life after Brexit
  • United States: Businesses take a (hopefully) temporary breather
  • China: The deceleration continues
  • Japan: Will households oblige by spending more?
  • Brazil: A glimmer of hope
  • Mexico: Embracing the advantage of its northern neighbor
  • South Africa: In search of an economic foothold
  • India: Slow and steady may not be enough to win the race
  • The oil mighty: The economic impact of oil price fluctuations
  • Economic indices

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