Client Alert: Ensuring the Best Insurance Recovery on a Major Loss
Marsh | October 12, 2018

There are a few very simple steps that an insured party can take which will ease the process of claiming against your policy and maximize the value of coverage.

Treating the Symptoms of a Drug Recall
Marsh | August 15, 2018

There is little awareness in Asia about the risks a drug recall can pose to a company’s balance sheet. The Whitepaper takes a look at costs - both direct and indirect ones - of a recall.

Four Ways Finance Creates Value with Visual Analytics
Tableau | August 8, 2018

Modern financial departments are adding self-service, visual analytics to their existing processes to deliver richer and more actionable insights to the business faster.

Download this white paper to find out how you can benefit from visual analytics as well.

Find Fraud Quickly: 4 Steps to Data Insight
Tableau | August 6, 2018

Creative. Resourceful. Ingenious. Words often used to describe a fraudster’s scheme. Instead of letting nefarious characters own these concepts, use them to identify and fight back against fraud.


Download this white paper to find out how you can do it.

7 Ways Finance Teams Are Driving ROI with Tableau
Tableau | August 2, 2018

Tableau helps finance departments make their organization’s most important decisions: how they spend their time and resources.


They also use Tableau to make finance analysis and reporting more efficient, get more insights and value out of their financial data, and increase their organizations’ focus on its strategy and objectives.

Download this white paper to find out the seven ways leading Finance departments are driving ROI with Tableau

The CFO Perspective: The Strategic Value of Treasury
Kyriba | July 27, 2018

Businesses today must maintain tight control over all aspects of their financial health, including treasury management.


The right treasury management solutions give CFOs a host of benefits and a holistic view into the financial health of their organizations.


This book takes a closer look at the strategic value that treasury management solutions can deliver to the CFO.

Leapfrogging to next generation planning, budgeting, and analytics
Anaplan | June 28, 2018

In this webinar from CFO Innovation and Anaplan, learn how companies hampered by legacy manual planning, budgeting, and analytic processes are leapfrogging straight to cloud-based, self-service solutions infused with automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

Topics to be covered include:

  • Cost and ROI
  • Getting buy-in from stakeholders
  • Customization of the solution
  • Change management issues
  • Security issues
How AI and Automation Will Shape Finance in the Future
Workday | May 16, 2018

AI and automation bring benefits. However, before making the leap to AI, finance leaders have work to do with their own data—getting to grips with analytics and ensuring data integrity and quality.

CFOs, in terms of automation, need to ask themselves if there are opportunities to automate in areas that eat up valuable resources and slow down operations.

How Finance Leadership Pays Off
Oxford Economics | May 16, 2018

What do high-performing CFOs do differently from the rest of the pack? There are six practices that boost business performance and efficiency, as well as governance, risk and compliance effectiveness across the company.

Download this SAP-sponsored report to find out what they are.

Finance and Talent: How to Succeed in the Digital Era
Workday | May 9, 2018

While data and technology can create greater value, there will be no real benefits to the business without the right people and right skills.

CFOs and finance leaders need to start preparing now for the team they will need in the future or risk falling behind.

Drive Performance and Boost Productivity with Self-Service Performance Management and Intelligence Augmentation
Unit4 Prevero | March 14, 2018

Download this white paper to learn how the right automation tools can help you reap the benefits of higher performance and productivity.

Advanced Group Performance Management
Unit4 Prevero | March 7, 2018

While many mid-sized organizations and even larger groups with subsidiaries have two separate departments dealing with group reporting and group controlling and use different software products, there is a better approach.

Download this white paper by prevero to see how you can benefit from this better approach that allows you to meet new challenges more effectively.

3 Ways Future-Focused Finance Leaders Can Drive Performance
Unit4 Prevero | March 5, 2018

Companies struggle to transform strategies into execution in an efficient and effective manner, in times of constant and ever-accelerating change.

Here’s how finance leaders can raise performance by applying three effective ways identified by prevero.

Crown World Mobility Moves Payment Mountains with Kyriba Citing a 20% Productivity Increase
Kyriba | February 21, 2018

Download this case study to learn how Kyriba enables Crown World Mobility to become an entrepreneurial, automated treasury.