8th CFO Innovation Awards
December 2019 | CFO Innovation

The CFO Innovation Awards, inaugurated in 2012, recognize Asia's leaders in all aspects of financial management. Nominated and voted on by the readers of CFO Innovation, the awards provide an opportunity to celebrate excellence and network with hundreds of leading CFOs and their partner suppliers.

7th CFO Innovation Malaysia Forum
October 2, 2019 | CFO Innovation

How can Malaysia continue its forward momentum given possible global trade disruption and the impact of change in US monetary policy on capital flows to developing countries? Find out what actions CFOs and senior finance executives should take at the CFO Innovation Malaysia Forum.

10th CFO Innovation Hong Kong Forum
September 25-26, 2019 | CFO Innovation

At the CFO Innovation Hong Kong Forum, finance leaders will discuss how geo-political and economic events can be addressed via integration of new technology like Robotics Process Automation (RPA), cloud-based applications and advanced analytics.

CFO Innovation Vietnam Forum
August 15, 2019 | CFO Innovation

CFO Innovation Vietnam Forum in May 2019 will be the launch event in the country to bring together 120+ CFOs from cross-industries, discussing the ever evolving role of CFOs with the current policies, regulation, automation, cyber security and blockchain.

7th CFO Innovation Shanghai Forum
August 8, 2019 | CFO Innovation

The 7th CFO Innovation Shanghai Forum aims to provide CFOs with strategic guidance on what to expect in 2019 and how to best plan and execute on priorities and strategies.

5th CFO Innovation Thailand Forum
July 4, 2019 | CFO Innovation

What strategic planning and transformation initiatives do CFOs need to embark on to thrive in today’s challenging economy? The CFO Innovation Thailand Forum will provide CFOs guidance on what to expect under the global and domestic uncertainties.

6th CFO Innovation Philippines Forum
June 27, 2019 | CFO Innovation

This year’s CFO Innovation Philippines Forum will help finance leaders adapt to regulation changes, adopt digital services to move away from cash transactions and spreadsheets operations to become an enterprise-wide strategist to the business.

10th CFO Innovation Asia Forum
April 10-11, 2019 | CFO Innovation

The CFO Innovation Asia Forum returns to Singapore for its 10th year, bringing strategic financial planning and business transformation initiatives for Asia's CFOs.

6th CFO Innovation Indonesia Forum
March 14, 2019 | CFO Innovation

The CFO Innovation Indonesia Forum will help finance department leaders find out how to define short term and long term strategies to address the micro and macro challenges they are facing.