Positioning For Growth: Treasury's Evolving Role

As companies position themselves to benefit from that growth, they are faced with treasury and working capital challenges unique to the region. Asia’s variety of currencies – some of which remain under foreign exchange controls – as well as its wide range of regulatory structures and areas of underdeveloped infrastructure, create a series of challenges for CFOs and treasurers seeking to maximise efficiency for their businesses.


Asia’s rapid economic growth is creating a myriad of opportunities for companies seeking new markets. Citi’s innovative working capital solutions can help to overcome the challenges of accessing those opportunities.


Here are a few areas CFOs and treasurers can focus on as they streamline their companies for growth: 

  • Treasury: Improving working capital cycles, which involves more innovative collection methods, centralised processing, and better foreign exchange monitoring.
  • Sharing the Responsibility: Individual departments can take responsibility for its own working capital, creating companywide awareness of the cash management issues facing the company.
  • Measuring Performance: Using Citi’s treasury diagnostics tool to benchmark a company’s cash-cycle performance to others in their peer group and industry.
  • Supplier Support: Citi can help clients support financing of their suppliers through pre-shipment or post-shipment financing, and provide advice on managing their working capital more efficiently.
  • Reviewing Receivables: Citi can help create a network of convenient payment points that increase the efficiency of receivables, and leverage technology, such as mobile telephony and the Internet, to address the challenges of physical infrastructure.
  • Centralisation: Through a re-invoicing centre, centralising cash flow in a place with more flexible currency exchange rules enables businesses to operate with less cash because they have less currency exchange risk, and increases supply chain transparency.

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