New Culture Needed to Achieve Value from Business Meetings, Says Report

If business leaders want to succeed in today’s world of 24x7x365 global operations and competition, they need to stop valuing mere meeting attendance and focus on achieving measurable results. This starts with establishing behavioral expectations that meetings are a means to an end -- and not a result unto themselves.


A new report by Forrester finds that 37% of employees report spending more than 1 hour in meetings every working day, 4% spend more than 4 hours, according to Forrester’s recent survey data of nearly 10,000 information workers around the world.


In the report, Forrester analyst Henry Dewing notes that establishing behavioral expectations that meetings will be a means to an end -- and not be a result unto themselves -- will encourage and enable meeting organisers and attendees to drive the business forward before, during, and after business meetings.


Dewing writes that conferencing platforms, interactive whiteboards, and Web 2.0 tools all allow meetings to consider more inputs and reach better decisions more rapidly. "But before you get there, ensure proper meeting planning that starts by defining an objective, location, and attendees, and other meeting best practices," advises Dewing.


To make meetings more productive and drive innovation from these collaboration sessions, businesses need to plan better meetings. "This starts with a clear meeting objective, determining who will participate and their location, and enforcing meeting best practices. With these requirements, business leaders can determine the technology that will best enable and empower their workers during these collaborative sessions," says Dewing.


Dewing emphasises that a culture of business accountability must be built so that meetings and meeting attendees drive business results.

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