Webinar Lessons: How an Asia CFO Is Transforming Manual Travel & Expense Management

In a webinar conversation that is scheduled for broadcast on December 6, CFO for Asia Leo Wong recounts how real estate company Collier International is overhauling its T&E processes.

“Change management is important,” he stressed. “Understanding how end-users use the tool is very important in terms of rolling it out and how you communicate [the changes].”

Wong and the finance team are deploying a cloud-based T&E tool in the company’s units across Asia “in phases,” because different markets have different needs and systems, and were at different stages of digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

When he joined Colliers four years ago, said Wong, he felt that the company was still doing things that it should have stopped doing ten years, but didn’t because “we were so used to ththe company was still doing things that it should have stopped doing ten years, but didn’t because “we were so used to this.”

“There’s really no better place than a T&E program, and that’s because . . . it affects everyone in the company, not just finance, IT or HR – it’s everybody,” he adds. A digitized and automated T&E system, he believes, “is a good way to introduce what every company should be doing going forward, to get rid of paper, getting rid of spreadsheets as much as we can.”

So far, he said, despite a lot of questions and a couple of angry e-mails, “you’d be amazed how people have accepted that transformation.” Executives and staff particularly took to the idea of using their mobile phone to take a photo of their receipts for submission to finance, to apply for leave and for other processes that used to require accumulating paper and manually filling in forms.

Peter Lavin, Head of Partnerships, Financial Services, Asia Pacific, at service provider Concur also participated in the webinar. Click on this link to listen to register and listen to the conversation.

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