Retail: 24% of the Top Global Players are in Asia Pacific

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Asia Pacific has 60 of the top 250 global retailers, according to Deloitte’s Global Powers of Retailing 2019 report.

The region's retail revenue growth in FY 2017 increased to 6.5% from 4.6% in FY 2016, while the FY2012-17 CAGR hit 3.2%, Deloitte said.


Source: Deloitte's Global Powers of Retailing 2019 report

Asia Pacific retailers in the top 100

  • Aeon, Japan (13)
  •, China (20)
  • A.S. Watson Group, Hong Kong (50)
  • Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd., South Korea (65)
  • CP ALL Plc., Thailand (66)
  • E-MART Inc., South Korea (74)
  • China Resources Vanguard Co., Ltd., China (81)
  • FamilyMart UNY Holdings Co., Ltd., Japan (84)
  • Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited, Hong Kong (87)
  • Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd., Japan (89)
  • Vishop Holdings Limited, China (92)
  • Reliance Industries Limited/Reliance Retail, India (94)
  • Gome Retail Holdings Limited, China (95)

Top retailers in APAC had most of revenues from home turfs

Retailers in Asia Pacific have been relatively slow to invest in international operations, according to the report.

On average, they operated in four countries, compared with 9.5 countries for the entire Top 250 group, Deloitte observed.

Nearly half of the companies operated only within their home country, while 88% of the composite revenue for the region’s 60 retailers in the Top 250 was generated domestically in FY 2017,, Deloitte added.

Top global retailers earned revenues of US$4.53 trillion

The Top 250 global retailers generated aggregated revenues of US$4.53 trillion in fiscal year 2017, representing composite growth of 5.7%, the report indicates

However, the global economy is currently at a turning point, said Dr. Ira Kalish, Deloitte Global Chief Economist.

“Until early 2018, the global economy displayed strong growth. With inflation accelerating in major markets, governments making shifts in monetary and fiscal policies, and most of the emerging markets experiencing significant currency depreciation the global economy will slow down in the near future,” he explained.

For retailers, this change will mean slower consumer spending growth, higher consumer prices, and disrupted global supply chains, he noted.

Global highlights

  • The world’s Top 10 retailers contributed 31.6 percent share to the Top 250’s total retail revenue in FY2017
  •  The top three retailers maintained their positions in the Top 10
  • Growth of the Top 10 outpaced that for the Top 250 retailers, at 6.1% and 5.7% respectively 
  • However, the net profit margin composite for the Top 10 was weaker than the previous year and when compared to the Top 250

Source: Deloitte's Global Powers of Retailing 2019 report