Quality of Living Steady in Hong Kong while Shenzhen Catches up

Hong Kong—ranked 71—remains largely static in terms of Quality of Living in the past 12 months, while Shenzhen—the biggest mover in Asia—has moved up from 136 in 2017 to 130 in 2018, according to Mercer’s 20th annual Quality of Living survey.

Shenzhen’s rise in ranking is largely as a result of increased ratings for consumer goods availability and better monitoring on air pollution, said Mercer.

Singapore has remained Asia’s most livable city, ranked 25 globally while Seoul fell three places from 176 to 179, as a result of ongoing political instability, Mercer observed. Tokyo also fell from 47 to 50.

The top 3 cities are: Vienna tops the ranking for the 9th year running and is followed by Zurich (2), Auckland and Munich in joint 3rd place.

Both Hong Kong and Shenzhen need to improve sanitation

This year, Mercer provides a separate ranking on City Sanitation, which analyses cities’ waste removal and sewage infrastructure, levels of infectious disease, air pollution, water availability and quality.

Honolulu tops the City Sanitation ranking, followed by Helsinki and Ottawa in joint second, whereas Dhaka (230) and Port au Prince (231) fill the bottom places.

“Mercer’s first ever sanitation index also exposes a real need for Hong Kong to make critical improvements in this area, with Singapore at 57 and Hong Kong and Shenzhen trailing at 134 and 140 respectively,“ said Peter KH Chan, Talent Consultant Hong Kong, at Mercer.

Asia Pacific: a region of great disparity

Asia remains a region of great disparity when it comes to quality of living.

While Singapore is among the top 30, Dhaka occupies the 216th place. City Sanitation rankings also vary considerably across the region with Kobe (8) the highest ranking and Dhaka (230) the lowest.

Quality of living rankings of some of other cities in Asia Pacific :
Sydney (10)
Wellington (15)
Melbourne (16)
Kobe (50)
Yokohama (55)
Osaka (59)
Nagoya (64)
Taipei (84)