Hong Kong Companies Paying Top Dollars to Graduates With Finance and Banking Skills

Companies in Hong Kong offer the highest salaries to fresh graduates who possess banking and finance skills, according to Jobs DB Hong Kong Limited.

Apart from banking, professional services, education and building & construction jobs, and information technology also rank at the top five in Hong Kong.

"The banking and finance posts are undoubtedly the most stable and reliable source of quality jobs. Good salaries, structured career path and perceived social prestige in association with bankers are all key factors that attract fresh graduates," says Dr. Andy Wong, Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Studies) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School.

Employers are on the look-out for graduates with these capabilities who have a combination of technical expertise and interpersonal skills having a clear edge over their peers.

Dr. Wong added, "A combination of hard knowledge and soft skills is always a winning package. Having a good mathematical mind, high proficiency in English and interpersonal skills are also essential. What's more important is a positive attitude to learn and grow. Only those who humble themselves and work hard to constantly deliver can fully realize their potential."

Other than Hong Kong, the survey also investigated other Asian countries including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

In Singapore, graduates with banking and finance skills are offered the fifth highest salary.

The findings suggest that employees in the merchandizing, administration and human resources, and hospitality and F&B posts consistently rank at the bottom five in most of the surveyed countries.

These are also the same functions that have shown an increase quarter on quarter. The salary trajectory of these functions will increase dramatically by an average of 67% once the graduates gain more than three years of experience.

"The difference between the talent supply and demand is one of the key reasons behind the salary gap of fresh graduates," comments Justin Yiu, General Manager of Jobs DB Hong Kong Limited. "The supply of certain job functions is relatively higher in the market, which will eventually result in a relatively low pay standard. On the contrary, some job functions requiring professional qualifications are relatively short in supply, resulting in higher pay standards."

"However", Yiu added, "salary standards should not be the only factor to consider in job hunting. The graduates should also consider one's personal interest, strength and core competence for career development."