Collective Ambition of Leadership Team Key to Driving Business Growth

Companies with leaders who are united under a singular vision, purpose, and aspiration develop more effective succession pipelines and, thus, drive business growth.

A study of CHROs from more than 15 industries representing 1.1 million employees demonstrated that organizations who drive stellar growth have "collective ambition,” according to the “People Fuel Growth” study by Aon Hewitt.

Collective ambition is fueled by competitive, yet collaborative leadership. The leadership team has a strong desire to be successful, but is highly aware that that this only occurs when leaders are able to work jointly.

Collective ambition ensures achievement of common goals

In order to achieve collective ambition, the study reinforces the belief that ambition in absence of a group is meaningless and the leadership team must have an understanding of growth and how to achieve it.

The study found it essential that:

1. Leaders review the organization’s mission and growth plan regularly.

2. Hold meetings to discuss their growth plans at least once a year.

3. Have regular cadence for their senior leadership meetings; most organizations surveyed meet on a monthly basis to ensure leaders work in unison to accomplish organizational goals.

4. Goals are tied to concrete measures. In high-growth organizations, these are usually crafted so that all employees understand how they contribute to and share in the organizational success.

"Collective ambition means that leaders are united under a singular vision, purpose, and aspiration,” says Na Boon Chong, Senior Client Partner, Aon Hewitt Singapore.

“By uniting leadership around a common goal, supported by intentional alignment from a "people" standpoint and customer centricity that ensures relevance, it helps organizations to best leverage their talent and drive growth from the top down, be it at a firm or at a national level."

It's interesting to see the same traits of leadership in Singapore's government. Ong Ye Kung, the Education Minister, was recently quoted as saying: "Disagreements are not treated as an ego contest. New ministers entering this kind of working culture know that while discussions are very robust, we are all in the same team. If there's any ambition, it is a collective ambition for Singapore."


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