Forecasting 101: How to Get More Accurate Forecasts With Less Cost and Effort

Organisations spend much time and money searching for a magic formula for the perfect forecast, yet still get bad forecasts. But it doesn't have to be this way. This paper provides a summary of a webinar in the SAS “Applying Business Analytics” series originally broadcast in July 2010 that discussed how businesses can achieve better accuracy and forecasting process efficiency by understanding the nature of demand patterns and where forecasting process is adding value — or not.



  • Top Five Big Ideas in Forecasting
  • A Dose of Realism for the Science of Uncertainty
  • Worst Practices in Setting Forecast Accuracy Objectives
  • A Better Way: Benchmark Against the Naïve Forecast
  • A Simple FVA Analysis Example
  • What Does FVA Analysis Tell Us?
  • Getting Started with FVA Analysis
  • FVA Analysis in Action: Case Studies
  • What If You’re Just Getting Started with FVA Analysis?

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