Compensation Study: Handsome Men Earn More Than Plain-Looking Peers

If you're good looking, then you're most probably earning a lot or will have more chances of getting a high-paying job than men with below-average looks, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.


According to the first Australian study of the financial return for physical attractiveness, men of above-average looks typically command $81,750 compared with $49,600 for men with below-average looks.


Citing the study, the Herald says men whose looks are rated as below average by door-to-door interviewers typically earn 26 percent less than average. Men whose looks are rated as above average earn 22 percent more. For women the effect is smaller and harder to measure.


The study also finds that men with below-average looks were 15 percent less likely than normal to be employed and were typically employed for a 9 percent lower wage. They were also less likely to be married and less likely to be married to a woman of high income.


The findings about men remained constant in two surveys of 2000 individuals - an ANU survey in 1984 and one constructed by Dr Leigh and Professor Borland to replicate the ANU survey in 2009, says the newspaper.


But the findings for women changed, with looks now more important than in the past when it came to securing a job and getting married.

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