Breaking New Ground - Exporting Businesses Remain the Most Profitable

Certain market places such as China and India are being identified by more and more businesses as profitable for expansion, but setting up an operation abroad and the cost of establishing its initial business image are perceived as an obstacle.
This Regus report, based on a survey with over 24,000 senior executives from over 95 countries responding their recent revenue and profit trends, alongside export profile, and perceived issues associated with exporting, explores these most profitable markets and main challenges that CFOs should be well-prepared, such as property and administration costs, local taxation and regulations, risk management and building a brand image abroad.
Key Findings:
  • About 55% respondents who trade internationally report increasing profits, while only 40% of those who focused mainly domestically see the growth


  • The most profitable for export are identified as China (48%), Europe (41%), North America (36%), India (31%), and South America (31%)


  • Respondents identify paper work and property costs (60%) as the biggest challenge to setting up a presence abroad. Risk management (44%), local tax and regulation (43%) and building an image abroad (42%) are the next biggest hurdles


  • Volatile markets, natural disaster likelihood, political risk, weak legislation and redress, and local protectionism, may all contribute to the ‘risk management’


  • Larger firms are more concerned about risk management (48%) than their smaller counter parts (42%),while the less concerned about property and paper work management (55%) than the smaller business (63%)




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