BlackBerry Service Outage No Threat to Asia?

The BlackBerry service outage in Europe, Middle East and parts of South America last week has mercifully ended, but questions are being raised in some Asian boardrooms about continuing with the service.


Claudio Castelli, Ovum senior analyst, AP, Enterprise, urges caution. The Blackberry outage will not challenge the whole cloud computing model, he says.


At this point, he is uncertain yet the extent the outage has affected or will affect Asian enterprises. But he reminds organisations that technical problems happen for a variety of reasons in and out of enterprise premises.


Having a service sitting in the cloud does not make it less reliable and vulnerable to faults, he stressed.


“In general, companies like RIM or other services providers would have a much larger and capable technical support team to handle problems than an individual enterprise that doesn't treat IT as its core business.”


He reminded Asian businesses that outages also happen often with enterprise self-managed solutions but they generally have a much smaller scale and impact. Thus, they do not get the same media coverage.


“[On the other hand,] when a problem happens in the cloud it might affect thousands of companies.”


To better strengthen their enterprise mobile communication infrastructures, Castelli encourages Asian enterprises to consider the following:


  • Work with providers that can offer Service Level Agreements that suits your business needs and specify penalties for non-compliance


  • For business-critical applications, deploy redundant solutions and contingency plans


  • When choosing suppliers, check the reliability history of the company and how well it handles faults



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