Stories by SunGard

Corporate Cash Investment Report

SunGard’s study highlights the growing importance of money market funds and provides insights into corporate cash investment policies and transaction methodologies, attitudes toward risk and return, preferred cash investments, and potential shifts in investment decisions in the future.   Inside:

Global Study on Connectivity Across the Corporate Commercial EcoSystem

Many corporations still operate in a complex web of paper, disparate systems, multiple “standards”, protocols, and networks that create redundancy, error, and lags in data delivery. This study looks to understand the major obstacles around improving settlement times in business-to-business transactions.

Five Best Practices for Effective Credit & Collections Management

The largest asset on most companies’ balance sheets is their accounts receivable (A/R) and the goal of the credit and collections department is to manage this asset through the proper evaluation of customer risk and the timely collection of outstanding invoices.   The following five best practices can help organisations achieve this goal: &nbs