Stories by SAS

A New Dimension in Risk: Spreadsheet Risk

Unlike any other software tool, spreadsheet programs have found their way into everyday reporting and quick calculations. Because of this popularity, there is frequent talk of overuse and even serious risks posed by spreadsheets. However, spreadsheets are insufficient for regulatory reporting and risk management. 

The Changing Face of Marketing Automation

This SAS paper explains how multichannel campaign management makes it possible to apply personalisation to marketing plans, tactics and one-to-one interactions.  With the growing trends of digital customer interactions, marketers can deliver highly personalized, integrated and relevant communications across channels.

Positive Creativity Solves Complex Risk Puzzle

In this SAS white paper, United Overseas Bank's CRO discusses interplay between risk classes and developing better risk controls for banking – in near-real time. 

EON Bank Chooses SAS for Superior Risk Management

EON Bank sought software that would help meet Basel II requirements for customer segmentation, credit-risk mitigation and risk-weighted assets, and it also wanted to centralize storage of data that was previously housed in a variety of systems.