Stories by Regus

The Flexible Road to Workforce Productivity

This report from Regus is based on a survey with over 20,000 respondents from 95 different countries during September 2013. The report states that 75% of the respondents says flexible working improves productivity. Flexible working can also increase creative thinking, thanks to lowering of stress.

Work-Life Balance: Learning From Generation X and Y

This white paper from Regus on Work:Life Balance is based on a global survey of more than 26,000 professionals in over 90 countries. The survey took place during January 2013.  The survey reveals that work:life balance index has somewhat decreased compared to last year (120 from 124).

Breaking New Ground - Exporting Businesses Remain the Most Profitable

Certain market places such as China and India are being identified by more and more businesses as profitable for expansion, but setting up an operation abroad and the cost of establishing its initial business image are perceived as an obstacle.  This Regus report, based on a survey with over 24,000 senior executives from over 95

From Distressed to De-stressed

48% of respondents, business people globally, to Regus’ latest global survey say that their stress levels from work had risen over the past year, and 63% believe that flexible working practices could cut the stress.

A Better Balance: Regus Work-Life Balance Index

More business people across the world feel that their work-life balance has improved this year. The Regus' report explores both ‘soft’ indicators such as feelings of enjoyment, sense of achievement and satisfaction with the amount of time spent at home, and ‘hard’ factors such as working hours and additiona

The Export Imperative

Regus' report finds that companies operating internationally are producing better financial results than their domestic counterparts in the current economic environment.   Key findings include: