Stories by PwC

De-Digitalisation: Back to Basics

What if one day our data were completely wiped, or regulations limited our use of certain types of data? While corporations and employees rely so much on data to make decisions today, PwC in this video invites us to pause for a minute and reflect on how we might make decisions with imperfect data or the lack of data. 

Why a New World Economy Needs a New Tax System

In this video clip from PwC, Rick Stamm, the firm's Vice Chairman, Global Tax, discusses why and how tax systems worldwide should be updated to meet modern needs and priorities. Though finding a global solution to the issue will not be simple, doing nothing is no longer an option.  

Risk Resilience to Resilient Growth

"Pursuing resiliency and agility are the keys to the long term success of any individual organization", says at Bob Moritz, Senior Partner for PwC US, in this video clip from PwC. As uncertainty has become the new normal, companies must adapt and adjust to be able to both scale back as well as seize opportunities in a shaky global economy.