Melissa Chua

Melissa Chua

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Professional Development: From CFO to VP of Sales

"As a CFO, the only thing I could not control was revenue, and I found I wanted control of revenue too," says Jimmy Yam. He is now Vice President of Sales for Asia Pacific and Japan, an example of the many career paths open to CFOs.

Singapore's CFOs Optimistic, Look Set to Expand Their Teams

There’s good news for finance and accounting professionals seeking greener pastures this year in Singapore. CFOs in the country are keen to hire, particularly during the first half of this year, according to research released by Robert Half Singapore.  The research was based on a global poll of 2,350 CFOs, including 150 from Singapore.

Is It Up to Finance to Lead the Analytics Charge?

The value that analytics can bring to the business has long been debated, and this segment of technology started garnering attention during and after the global finance crisis that began 2008.   While finance teams can utilize analytics to contribute strategically to the business, selling analytics to the business may prove a challenge.