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Study Declares the CFO a Technology Evangelist

The modern chief finance officer is a technology evangelist who recognises the value of digital and cloud technologies for the finance function and the business as a whole, but a gap remains between CFO ambitions and reality, according to a new study by Longitude Research. 

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Urges China to Further Improve Trade Agenda

The U.S. business community is hopeful regarding China’s success in implementing ambitious reforms that could create a decisive role for market forces across the economy, foster more sustainable and higher quality growth, and expand commercial opportunities for U.S. companies in the market, according to U.S.

Singapore Budget 2014 Furter Extends Financial Support to SMBs

Singapore's small and medium enterprises have many reasons to be grateful. Delivering the Budget Statement for the Financial Year 2014 Budget last Friday, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam introduced several strategies to help SMEs expand and increase productivity via new incentives and enhanced funding schemes. 

Foreign Investments in Philippines Shrink

Foreign direct investments (FDI) in Philippines in August yielded net inflows of US$13 million, significantly lower than the US$76 million net inflows registered in the same month in 2011, reflecting investors’ relatively cautious stance due to weak global economic prospects and financial strains in advanced economies.