Stories by Mastercard

Guide to Travel and Entertainment

This report from MasterCard provides an in-depth view of Travel and Entertainment (T&E), which is the second largest controllable expense for corporations. This makes it a crucial area for cost control.

Corporate Payment Solutions: Control and Compliance

In this case study from MasterCard you will find out how Coca-Cola Amatil New Zealand found their solution to control, data transparency and ERP integration. After years of manual data entry and associated paperwork due to the volume and processing costs of staff claims, along with almost no transparency, Coca-Cola Amatil New

Global T&E Solution: Acceptance, Data and Reporting

This case study from MasterCard shows how BASF, a global chemical company, found a way to get standardized and globally consolidated data for their Travel and Entertainment (T&E) program management.   BASF previously had problems with consolidating data from their 30-40 T&E programs, and there was frequently an issue o

Corporate Travel & Entertainment Payment Cards

T&E expense is the second largest controllable cost after salaries and benefits. This Mastercard report examines how corporate cards could help a company to achieve better T&E control.  Key Objectives: