Stories by Marsh

Comparing Claims from Catastrophic Earthquakes

For this report, Marsh analyses and compares the facts, coverage elements, policy features, and practical considerations in relation to three earthquakes so that those affected by future earthquakes might be better positioned to recover more quickly.  

Asia Insurance Market Report 2014

This Marsh report explores the risks and opportunities in various Asian insurance markets. Asia will continue to be the most dynamic region for the industry. 

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: Risk Lessons for CFOs

Bangladesh, with one of the lowest minimum wages in the world (US$0.23/h), has established themselves as a good option for the highly competitive garment industry. But cheap labor doesn’t come without risk.

Cyber Risk in Asia: Is Your Data Safe?

Governments across Asia are introducing new and revised legislation relating to data privacy, increasing the financial exposure for companies who are the victim of a cyber attack or data privacy breach.  This Marsh report explores the situation of cyber crime in Asia now, its impact to your business and how to manage t