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Case Studies in Corporate Social Responsibility

When a global food powerhouse discovered that there were students who had to attend school without food in their stomachs, it decided to step in and help in ways that it knew best.   The “Kraft Hope Kitchen” programme, started by Kraft Foods China and the Chi

How to Make Office Politics Work For You

Backstabbing, gossiping, and the dangerously, flirtatious dance of the corporate moth around the office fire – also known as workplace politics – can be a costly affair. A 2002 British survey found that managers spent an hour a day engaged in politics.

Corporate Strategy: Betting on Emerging Markets

The term BRIC was coined by Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill in 2001 to shorthand the four key emerging economies to watch. BRIC, of course stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China – countries that have, over the past decade, produced a third of global GDP, and hosted a quarter of the world’s population.

Case Study: P&G and Asia's Consumer Boom

“Create excitement in the market with new products; entice the competitors to play, and together, we can grow the market,” said Medhee Jarumaneeroj, the ‘influencer marketing & external relations leader’ for Procter & Gamble (P&G) Asia’s male grooming line.

Reading to Learn About Business Leadership

When Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died in October, there was a tremendous outpouring of grief from millions of people around the world. It was all the more remarkable that they were celebrating and paying tribute to the life of someone who was neither a humanitarian nor a revered statesman.

Five Growth Drivers for Asia's Businesses

At a recent seminar organised for the National Trade Union Congress by Singapore Management University’s Office of Executive Education, Philip Charles Zerrillo, a professor of marketing at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business, shared some ideas on how organisations can achieve sustainable growth.

Why Asia's Companies Should Watch Social Media

Social networks offer up a goldmine of information just waiting to be exploited. For the first time, human relationships, comments and activities are documented quite publicly on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Save for privacy concerns, never before has it been easier to know what people think, what they like, and to whom they are connected.