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Global Economy in 2013: Uncertainty Weighing on Growth

The global economic outlook remains highly uncertain in 2013.  Agreement on a series of tax rises in the United States pulled the economy back from the brink of the ‘fiscal cliff’, but tough negotiations on the debt ceiling and spending cuts remain.  In China, the new leadership is expected to focus on avoiding the middle inc

Emerging Markets Opportunity Index: High Growth Economies

As emerging economies globalise, their rates of expansion and development are becoming increasingly dependent on the health of the world economy.  This Grant Thornton report brings together a number of key indicators, economic size, population, wealth, involvement in world trade, growth prospects and levels of developme

Under Control: A Practical Guide to IFRS 10

The control assessment determines which entities are consolidated in a parent’s financial statements and therefore affects a group’s reported results, cash flows and financial position, and the activities that should be “on” and “off” the group’s balance sheet.  This Grant Thor