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The CFO and Supply Chain

This video clip from Ernst & Young discusses why CFOs should be driving a partnership with the head of supply chain.  Supply chain holds the largest proportion of business cost, and is closely linked to profitability and productivity. This makes it an important issue for the CFO.  

The Cash-Rich CFO: Managing the Money -- and Expectations

In today’s uncertain economic environment, cash accumulation is a prudent strategy. Large cash reserves can act as a safeguard against a future downturn, while building a war chest for future investments once the worst of the crisis is past.   This cycle of cash accumulation is unlikely to be broken any time soon.

Driving Profitable Growth: The Productivity Challenge in China

 This report from Ernst & Young is based on a survey among Chinese companies that took place in November 2012 to January 2013 with over 1700 respondents. The survey shows that with profit margins under pressure for Chinese companies, the need of raising productivity levels are crucial.

Globalization and New Opportunities for Growth

Globalization continues to define our business landscape, increasing the levels of cross-border trade, capital and labor integration. This Ernst & Young report measures the world’s largest economies’ degree of globalization across five main pillars: openness to trade, capital flows, exchange of tec

The Productivity Imperative for Foreign Multinationals in China

Most foreign multinationals in China remain profitable, yet the business environment is more challenging now due to the slowdown of  China’s economy.  84% of the respondents say that productivity will be either “extremely” or “very” important to business performance in the next one to three years.  The

CFO and Beyond - The Possibilities and Pathways Outside Finance

79% of CFOs agree that their financial expertise means they are more in demand than ever for board-level roles. This Ernst & Young report, based on a survey of 800 CFOs globally and a series of studies and in-depth interviews with leading CFOs, explores the possibilities and pathways open to CFOs today.