Stories by EIU

Supersized Cities: China's 13 Megalopolises

The rapid growth of China’s cities is fuelled by the government initiatives encouraging the expansion of urban areas, thereby helping to boost consumer consumption, as well as to attract more foreign investment.

Best Cities Ranking and Report

This EIU report includes a ranking of cities in terms of quality of life, including indicators such as natural assets, culture assets, green space and so on.    Top Three: Hong KongAmsterdamOsaka   Bottom Three: DhakaLagos

Adapting to an Uncertain Climate: A World of Commercial Opportunities

This EIU report seeks to examine the potential business opportunities, and risks, involved in adapting to anticipated changes in the global climate, and examines new emerging markets for goods and services as businesses seek to adapt to the realities of an uncertain climate. Key Findings:

Re-engaging With Engagement: Views From the Boardroom on Employee Engagement

The EIU investigates what makes workers engaged and what practical measures serve to enhance engagement. Also analysed are an individual’s geographical location and their seniority in the corporate hierarchy appearing to have a significant impact on their personal views. Key Findings:

Keeping Traffic Flowing: Transport Efficiency to 2030

This EIU report discusses how transport infrastructure, policies, and technology can help to ensure efficient transport on a sustainable basis in the years to 2030. Beyond the positive macroeconomic effects of ensuring sustainable transport, there is an impact on the profitability and long-term viability of companies that CFOs should consider.